Refurbishment/Demolition (R&D) Survey

An R&D survey is required where a premises, or part of it, needs to be refurbished, altered or demolished. The CDM Regulations 2015 require arrangements to be in place to deal with asbestos during construction work, including refurbishment and demolition. Where construction or building work is to be carried out, the CDM client must provide designers and contractors who are bidding for the work (or who they intend to engage) with project-specific information about the presence of asbestos, so that the risks associated with design and construction work, including demolition, can be addressed. It is not acceptable to make general reference to hazards that may exist. Therefore, site-specific asbestos surveys should be carried out in advance of the work to make sure that the information is available to those who need it. The survey does not need to record of the condition of any ACM’s (Asbestos Containing Materials).

An R&D survey aims to ensure that:

  • no ACM’s are accidentally or unknowingly disturbed during the demolition, alteration or refurbishment works.
  • any ACM’s can be safely and correctly removed prior to the commencement of or during demolition alteration or refurbishment works.
  • any ACM’s can, if required, be safely and correctly protected during demolition, alteration or refurbishment works where removal of the ACM’s is not required

R&D Survey Report

Your PASS (UK) Ltd report will include the location, presence and extent of any ACM’s, including any debris & contaminated areas. It will not assess the condition of the asbestos but will attempt to identify any ACM’s that are in a dangerous state. Your report will also contain annotated floor plan/s showing the location and extent of any ACM’s and additional photographs and information.

All surveys will comply to the HSE’s HSG264 – Asbestos: The Survey Guide –