Asbestos is a category 1 human carcinogen and work upon or the removal of materials containing it is subject to the CAR (Control of Asbestos Regulations) 2012. Regulation 4 of the CAR 2012 contains an explicit duty on the owners and occupiers of non-domestic premises, who have maintenance and repair responsibilities, to assess and manage the risks from the presence of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s)

An asbestos management survey will locate the presence of and identify the risk from ACM’s. With this information, a plan to manage any risk from the ACM’s can be designed and implemented.

A refurbishment & demolition survey only locates the presence and extent of ACM’s

Surveys can be carried out by in-house personnel or a third party. In each case, the surveyor must be competent to carry out the work required, have sufficient training, qualifications, knowledge, experience and ability to carry out their duties in accordance with the HSG 264